Carbon Steel Products

Advantage Tool Steel has a wide selection of Carbon Steel Products: A3610181020, & 1045. We supply these Carbon Steel grades in rounds and flats. Our Carbon Steels are available in a wide variety of sizes.

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Carbon Steel


Carbon Steel Grades:



A36 Carbon Steel

A36 is a standard steel alloy known for its lower carbon content and its easy and cheap welding abilities. A36 is a standard amongst structural steel in the United States.


1018 Carbon Steel

1018 is a low carbon steel known particularly for its exceptional weldability. It is often considered the best steel for carburized parts and offers a great balance of durability, toughness and strength.


1020 Carbon Steel

1020 is a low carbon steel with low hardenability and low tensile strength. Its high machinibility, ductility and weldability are the reason this steel is typically used in industrial sectors. 1020 is typically sold in a cold drawn or turned and polished condition.


1045 Carbon Steel

1045 is a medium tensile steel known for its good weldability, machinibility and high strength. 1045 is typically sold in a hot rolled or normalized condition.

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