Mold Steel Products

Advantage Tool Steel supplies high quality Mold Steel Products: P20 and P20 High Hard (P20HH). Our Mold Steel products are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

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Mold Steel

Mold Steels are specialty grades of tool steel that are more well-suited to be used in mold applications. Mold steels are manufactured to be a homogeneous material that yield high cleanliness levels and free of most undesirable elements. The beneficial characteristics of these grades are good polishability and distinctive texturing.


Mold Steel Grades:

P20P20 High Hard


P20 Mold Steel

P20 is a low-alloy tool steel typically used for plastic injection mold cavities and die casting dies. P20 is typically sold in a pre-hard condition with a 28-32 on the Rockwell C Scale.


P20 High Hard (HH) Mold Steel (A.K.A. P20HH)

P20 high hard is an improved P20 with a 34-38 on the Rockwell C Scale. It is typically better for compressive strength than normal P20.

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