Powdered Metal Products

Advantage Tool Steel offers a wide selection of Powdered Metal Product Grades: PM 3PM 9PM 10 (A-11)PM 15, & M4.  We supply Powdered Metal Products in variety of shapes and sizes. Check out our product information below.

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Powdered Metal


Powdered Metal Grades:

PM 3 PM 9 PM 10 (A-11) PM 15 M4


PM 3 Powdered Metal


PM 9 Powdered Metal


PM 10 (A.K.A. A-11, CPM 10V) Powdered Metal

PM 10 (CPM 10V/A11) is a powered metal known for its extremely high impact toughness and wear resistance. The high impact toughness is due to the fine grain size, and the cleanliness of powdered metallurgy. A11 and CPM 10V are often used interchangeably.


PM 15 Powdered Metal

PM T15 is a cobalt-bearing high-speed steel. Due to the cobalt content, the material provides high wear resistance. Like  most high-speed steels, the vanadium carbides  offer high wear resistance due to fine grain sides, cleanliness of powdered metallurgy and small carbides.


PM M4 Powdered Metal

PM M4 is a high-speed steel known primarily for its versatility, toughness and its transverse bend strength.  PM M4 also offers improved cutting life and durability and often replaces similar high-speed steel such as M2 and regular M4.

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