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Tool Steel Services – Saw Cutting, Milling, & Grinding

Advantage Tool Steel offers many value added services that will save you time and money. We have very high quality machines for services such as Saw Cutting, Milling, Drilling, and Grinding. We are capable of handling complex jobs at competitive prices with fast turnaround times.

We guarantee the quality of services because we follow strict quality control procedures and we perform multiple rigorous inspections throughout the various stages of an order. If you are interested in one of our high quality services, please contact one of our expert sales representatives with your requirements and specifications.

Our Services

We offer steel saw cutting, steel milling, precision grinding, and blanchard grinding.
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Steel Saw Cutting

We have many high quality production plate saws at our warehouses to finish your job competitively and quickly. We offer quality saw cutting up to 60″ high and 150″ in length. Advantage Tool Steel has a wide range of horizontal and vertical saws to cut your steel to specifications. Our Oliver plate saw offers a straight, consistent cut while leaving an excellent finish. As you can see below we have the capability to cut a wide range of sizes.

Steel Milling

We offers quality large volume planer milling services to meet the requirements of your job. Advantage Tool Steel planer mills can remove a large amount of material from your plates and blocks at a very economical cost. The finish, while not as good as a Blanchard ground finish, is still very good. Below are our capabilities on our mills.

Precision Grinding

Advantage Tool Steel boasts the best precision grinding department on the planet. Our grinders can hold tolerance as tight as .001” and hold squareness tolerance of .001” as well. Our lead inspection officer of over twenty years experience guarantees every product is made within tolerance and with a micro-finish of 32 RMS or better.

Blanchard Grinding

Advantage Tool Steel has one of the largest Blanchard Grinders in existence. Our 120” Blanchard will provide a product that holds tight tolerance at low cost. We also have two other rough grinders at provide the same high quality to pieces longer than 120”

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